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With Phorland you have an efficient control of the exploration through functionalities for the operational and economic-financial management.

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Why use Phorland?

Better management

Phorland helps you control all transactions to the cent and get the highest possible return from your business. Always keep control of costs, stocks, resources, among others, up to date.

Do not neglect a management suitable for your operation to obtain maximum profitability.

FROM agronomists TO agronomists

Phorland was designed by agronomists with the aim of helping the entire agri-food sector. The day by day life of your farm has been transferred to Phorland so that you can have the management you need.

Control for all

We have solutions that allow us to manage all the agri-food sectors. Whatever your area, there is a solution to manage it.

More than 600

farmers already use Phorland!

Phorland is agricultural management software that was developed to offer professional solutions to the entire agri-food sector.

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