4Land is the solution to manage your crop activities!

It was designed to help manage all your activities by increasing the control and efficiency of your resources.

How do we help you manage your activities?

Through efficient control and accurate information that help you make better decisions!

This module was created to respond to the needs of all types of exploration. Allows you to manage activities, be they plants, animals and/or even transformation.

By registering the operations of the production process, you can obtain the Field Notebook in digital format.

The calculation of the depreciation of its resources, the efficiency of the labor force and the cost of the factors of production, allow the cent to know the cost of each operation, helping to understand the cost of each unit produced.

Reports and graphs allow you to consult all the detailed information.

Always have the most important information of each activity at hand, the Field Notebooks and even the product traceability.

Know some advantages of this module:

Field Book

Daily operations







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Other modules:

It is not just an application!

The Phorland software is so complete that it will instantly become your best friend.

Phorland is agricultural management software that was developed to offer professional solutions to the entire agri-food sector.

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