Genealogic Book

4Zoo provides the management of herd books, adapting all the information to the needs of each client!

The Herdbooks were developed to respond to the needs of purebred breeders and associations.

We manage the Herd Books


The Herd Book (4Zoo) allows you to record all information about farms, animals, productions, births and all events related to animals and the farm.

The information is available for association technicians but also for breeders.

These will be able to access information about their farm/animals, through access authorized by the management entity.

Producers who use 4Zoo to manage their farm will be able to give access to the association, so that it has access to information on each animal updated in real time.

The association license also allows you to manage all data related to the operation of the association itself, such as the data of associates.

The records of each animal can be consulted online, by reading a QRcode.

Know some advantages of Geanology Books:

Individual/Technical File

National certificate

Export certificate

Births/Adults Book No.

Ident. Creator and Owner

Scores (weaning/adult)

Genetic values

DNA markers

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